Monday, December 07, 2009

Mail Bag

Here's an email I received from Lauren:


Your blog helped me with a diagnosis of my brother Sam even though he is in mexico and I am in california. I learned a lot and he took this great picture when he finally coaxed all three of them out of his arm.

Here's his method:

"I could tell the anti-parasite medication and antibiotic cream suffocation had them dazed, so I just gave a little squeeze when they came up for air, grabbed their heads, then slowly pulled them out. They look whole, huh? The big one´s teeth really hurt. I can´t imagine how big they´d get after 3 more weeks, that is at least size 12 font. I´ve decided to just do topical antibiotics so I can drink at this fiesta."

Thanks for all the links and info!

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